Whew. Trying to figure out which is more exhausting, the state swimming championships or the state wrestling championships. Aw, it’s wrestling. Swimming might last four days to wrestling’s three, but at least one gets a decent break and doesn’t have to settle for half-cooked, gray sausages with limp peppers for lunch. (I know. Never complain about free food, but …)

A reminder: I’ll be blogging the second day of the Class AAA swimming and diving championships from Bucknell University again tonight. A huge thanks to Mike Gobrecht of paswimming.com for the Twitter feed directly to his outstanding page. In the meantime, you can check out Wednesday’s blog here.

Live PIAA swimming results are at the PIAA website here and at paswimming.com here.

The PIAA Basketball Championships have completed the second round with some excellent games last night, including Villa Maria’s 50-49 overtime win over Trinity in Class AA girls (story by the Harrisburg Patriot-News’ Andy Shay here) and Roman Catholic’s bizarre 15-point win over Reading in double overtime (story by the Reading Eagle’s Mike Drago here). These stories and more will be linked over at The Ticker, our page for daily scholastic sports stories from around the state.

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