Here are the week 15 state rankings:


Here are the rankings from Pennsylvania Football News and

Also, here are the PIAA brackets from the PIAA website and the very cool start-to-finish statewide brackets from

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  1. The Wizard of Oz trio from District 7 (Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!) all won. That AAAA game is still to close to call, but ACC, South Fayette, and Clairton will all win comfortably at Hershey.

    This year, PA’s football season lasts a week longer than the season in Texas! Wow!

    The video of the Metrodome collapse was just awesome. I don’t understand how just 18 inches of wet snow could cause such a collapse. That amount of snow is commonplace there!

    I am heartsick over Al Golden’s decision to take the Miami job. He won’t last long there. His personality and style are a terrible fit for southern FL.

    Did you hear that Hope Steffenson of Kenai Central, who is only a soph, defeated a freshman in the 103-lb. final to become just the second girl in Alaska (and probably the country) to win a state championship in wrestling this weekend? She won 2-0 on a takedown 26 seconds into OT.

    Did you hear me cussing at the top of my lungs last night at the two Eagles’ players who made fools of themselves and were rightfully flagged for 15-yard penalties in last night’s game? That last act of stupidity could have easily cost Philadelphia the game had it not been able to keep picking up first downs. BOTH of those idiots’ backsides would have been nailed to the bench for the rest of the game had I been their coach! Why do our society’s very best athlete’s act like immature numbskulls? Note that Kentucky’s starting QB, who had the world by the _____, has been suspended, as well, for drinking and driving prior to the Wildcats’ bowl game with Pitt. I may be 56, but I still don’t get it! What am I missing?

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