The new Mifflin County High School is poised to become a member of the Mid-Penn Conference for the 2012-2013 school year.

The new school, a merger of Indian Valley and Lewistown high schools that was approved by the Mifflin County School Board last week, will be in place next school year if current Mifflin County School District plans move forward. At current, there is no indication that anything will interrupt those plans, but with school mergers, anything can happen.

But here is what has happened: Indian Valley and Lewistown, both members of the Mountain League, were booted out of the Mountain League in 2012-2013, although the new school will have Mountain League schedules in most, if not all, sports for the next school year.

With the new school, which will be a mid-sized Class AAAA school in football and basketball, thrown out of the Mountain League, it is highly likely that the Mid-Penn Conference will accept the new school as a full member at the start of the next cycle.

On Thursday, the Mid-Penn Conference, as anticipated, accepted State College as an all-sports member; the Little Lions had been a football-only member since 2004. With Mifflin County between State College and Harrisburg, it makes adding Mifflin County a little more palatable to the Mid-Penn.

So palatable, in fact, the conference has included the Mifflin County school in its 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 schedules as a league member, despite the fact that no formal action has been taken on the Mifflin County matter.

In fact, the Mid-Penn, meeting at the same time as the Mountain League and unaware of the ML’s actions, would likely have passed the alignments that included Mifflin County had it not been for requests by Trinity and Steelton-Highspire to change basketball divisions. The conference will vote electronically next Wednesday on the alignments once Steel-High and Trinity resolve the issue. Assuming the Mifflin County school is included in those alignments, as they were on Wednesday, that’s a pretty good indication Mifflin County will have smooth sailing to Mid-Penn membership.

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  1. Rod & Jeff:

    So am I to understand that “Mifflin County High School” has already been chosen as the new school’s official name? If so, I suspected that is what would happen…

    I think the new school will make a great addition to the Mid-Penn!


  2. Steve,

    No decision on that. If you look at Thursday’s edition of The Sentinel (online at, there are more thorough articles on both issues.

    Prior to the school board meeting Thursday, the superintendent told our news reporter that he would like to involve the community and students in the process.

  3. There was a vote yesterday by students and the general public on the new school name, mascots and colors. The results are to be announced at Thursday’s school board meeting.

    The name choices are as follows: Mifflin County, Penn Highlands, Logan Guard, Freedom Forge and Jack’s Mountain.

    Mascots: Huskies, Mallards, Patriots and Cougars.

    Colors: blue/red, black/blue, red/white/blue, purple/silver and black/purple/silver.

  4. Thanks for the tip, Doug. I’m all about the Jack’s Mountain Mallards, decked out in black, purple and silver.

  5. It’s the Mifflin County Huskies, black, purple and silver

  6. Who will be the AD at Mifflin County HS? Will the AD from Lewiston or IV take that position or will it be someone else? What about the AD post at State High? Any ideas who will take over for the retiring Pavlechko?

  7. Matt Shoemaker is the AD for Mifflin County High School (I’m still bummed they didn’t go with Seven Mountains HS, or BurnLew HS).

    Here’s a link to the Lewistown Sentinel story on Shoemaker:–Negativity-is-biggest-hurdle.html?nav=5129

    No clue about who’s in line at State High. Sorry to see Pav go, though. He was terrific to work with.

  8. Any updates on the AD job at State? If anybody knows, it’s you.

  9. Sorry to disappoint. I talked with Ron Pavlechko and didn’t bother to ask who’s succeeding him. I’m afraid my journalism skills are evaporating.

  10. Looks like State High is hiring someone from one of your older posts… here comes Title IX!

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