And now, PIAA basketball pairings … updated with quarterfinals dates, sites and times



  1. Hey Rod,

    Not to complain but I was looking at the Single A boys brackets and it looks like 11-2 and 4-2 play each other. That’s fine but Mahanoy Area and Mansfield are essentially 2.5 hours apart and they are playing at Mansfield University? Come on. That is a serious travesty to high school sports. I guess i could understand if they were D-4 Champs. Is there any recourse for a school if something like this happens? I’ve seen this before in baseball with favortism for the WPIAL over your District 6 but never to this extreme. It’s really a shame.

  2. Hey Cat,

    I have to agree that one’s pretty egregious. As you said, if the “home” team was a district champ, there’s be some justification for it. But a 2 v2? Seems unjust. But I will say this in defense of PIAA. Sometimes they have schools that won’t open their gyms for state playoff games for a variety of reasons; that could be one, if not the primary reason, that game is going to Mansfield. And it is a very thankless task (I’ve been in the office once or twice while they were trying to find and confirm sites, and I swear it worse than being in an Indian call center).

    But having said that, there are a lot of schools between Mahanoy and Mansfield.

    Of course, I have been in favor of NCAA-style pods for the PIAA tournament, but that wouldn’t help in this case because I don’t believe you could practically “pod” the tournament until the second round.

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