I hardly know what to say. First of all, the weather today is first-rate; it feels like hitting a $500 scratch-off.

Second, I’m attending my first spring sports event of the year (not kidding; would you go out in the rain if you were a broken old fart like me?). Fortunately, it’s one of my favorites: The District 3 Track and Field Championships.

Inasmuch as I’m here in an official District 3 capacity as webmaster (yep, it’s what I do), I won’t be blabbing on and on like I did last year.

Rather, I’m throwing up the link to the live results below. If something crazy happens, I’ll make a comment or two. Otherwise, I’m strictly business (very boring).


I’ll post the PIAA Track and Field Championships performance lists at some point on Sunday. The reason I’m so vague about the time is because I won’t be near the laptop on Sunday; I will be in State College for induction into the Pennsylvania Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame. needless to say, I am very grateful for the honor.

In the meantime, enjoy the track and field. In fact, click here for the District 3 track and field page for some limited records and history. All of that history will appear on RodFrisco.com once I’m able to update after the meet.

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