Osama bin Laden is dead, killed in Pakistan by U.S. forces on the ground in a superbly executed mission. Fantastic.

bin Laden’s death doesn’t have a thing to do with Pennsylvania high school sports, of course.

But I’m an American, and that son of a bitch was the head of the al-Qaeda snake that killed more than 3,000 people, mostly American citizens, nearly 10 years ago in New York and hundreds of others around the world.

And I’m an American before I’m anything else.  And as an American, I have just one thing to say:

Could you use a drink about now, you rotten bastard?

(Normally I wouldn’t use vulgarities and would at least apologize for such use.   But not this time.  “Vulgar” doesn’t begin to describe that scum.)

Enjoy Eternity, you filthy murderer.

OK, I’ve been enjoying the sight of the growing crowds celebrating bin Laden’s death – and I’m celebrating in silence since the pups and the missus are asleep – when I made the mistake of flipping channels and landing on that rotgut MSNBC with Rachel Maddow sending a phone report from outside the White House. And once, but twice NBC anchor Brian Williams referred to the group as a “flash mob.”

Does that clown even know what a “flash mob” is? That even if the people who gathered were informed by text message, they were going to rush to the White House or Ground Zero spontaneously? And not to do mayhem, which is the signature of a flash mob, but let loose a joyous celebration that has been nearly 10 years coming?

God God, why would I ever stop at MSNBC? Why?

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  1. Outstanding job and very well said Rod!
    How ironic that our Navy Seals too out that scumbag on the Navys’ own birthday (founded April 30, 1798) and on the anniversary of the death of another scumbag Adolf Hitler !


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