Mike Drago of the Reading Eagle has produced a seven-article series about the growing problem – and it is a growing problem – regarding the way PIAA classifies its schools and the effect it is having on post-season play in the state.

It’s an excellent set of stories, written in Mike’s plain-English style (which is my way of saying he doesn’t junk up his sentences with modifiers and unnecessary parentheticals like you-know-who used to at the Patriot-News. Wait, I just did it again.).

Here is the link to the stories that appeared in Sunday’s Eagle: PIAA series.

Here is the final stories that appeared on Monday: Monday’s stories.

No, I’m not linking them because I’m quoted in one of them. I’m linking them because (a) it’s a good series and (b) I love to keep this particular ball in the air.

  2 Responses to “Reading Eagle: Lots of problems with PIAA public-private classification”

  1. Rod:

    I fell in love with Bohannon’s plan from the get-go. If other states are using it (or something similar), I’m not altogether convinced that the courts would swat it down.

  2. I guess news travels slow to Berks County. The Philly Magazine article is old news, the quotes from PCL schools were not PIAA violations but were thrown in with the InterAc schools which were. I love the quote referenced in this article from Roman Catholic which was actually a comment on what the InterAc was doing not what happens in the PCL.

    Why is it OK to just pick basketball as an example? Maybe becuase it is a sport a lot on intercity kids play and are good at it. So becuse hey are good lets knock them.

    Remember the past two Quad A champs, PW and Chester, are boundry based schools but their top stars included several who transfered in the year they won the title. Should we account for that too?

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