The PIAA Board of Directors meeting continues this morning with mostly routine matters.  But the Board will take up the issue of a reduction in football from 16 weeks to 15 weeks based on a proposal that came out of Thursday’s Strategic Planning Committee.

And there will be a significant announcement coming later in the morning.

Meeting will be starting earlier than scheduled at 7:30, but the first hour or so will be in executive session.  Will resume the blog once the public session opens.

** Regular session has begun **

Executive staff reports now; could be a while before we get to some meat.

This is interesting.  Remember Philly School Math, Civics and Sciences Charter School and its suggestion that race played a role in the calls of PIAA basketball officials in a 2010 boys basketball playoff loss to Reading Central Catholic?  The school brought its case before the PIAA Board, was blown out of the water (there was simply no material proof of racism) and hit with a two-year probation, in part because PIAA found that school officials failed to control its players and fans in the final minutes of that game.

Among the sanctions imposed by PIAA was a requirement that Math coach Daniel Jackson complete two NFHS coaching courses and that Math become, essentially, a model citizen.  Jackson has completed those courses and Math’s run to the 2011 PIAA Class A boys basketball title was uneventful.  As a result, Math requested that PIAA lift the second year of probation.

No dice, said the PIAA Board.  Without discussion and by a unanimous vote, the Board upheld a second year of probation for the school. Apparrently, calling PIAA officials racist is a bad idea.

On Thursday evening, the PIAA Board approved several new co-operative sponsorships under new standards passed in May, then realized that older co-ops could change in classification if those new standards were applied.  There was considerable discussion on whether the old co-ops should have the opportunity to use the new rule.

The Board tabled the action.  This morning, it decided to give those schools involved in co-ops the option to choose a lower classification if they qualified under the new guidelines.  The recommendation was announced by PIAA Director of Legal Affairs Michael Solomon and approved by the Board, clearly making this a Solomonic decision.

Here’s the discussion about football.

To review: The Strategic Planning Committee recommended a 15-week season (football is currently played over 16 weeks, including the PIAA post-season) by simply lopping off one week at the end, which would force most districts to slash their playoffs.  In addition, District 11 proposed to give districts the option to use the second scrimmage date as a regular-season date.

The Board unanimously passed the 15-week proposal on a first-reading basis.  If it passes two more readings in October and December, it would take effect starting in the 2012-2013 school year.

While this matter is far from settled, the vote indicates a significant shift in attitude for the Board, which has failed to come up with a different format for years.

Competitive cheer: The PIAA Board passed on a first-reading basis to establish a cheer championship in early February, the same weekend as the PIAA Team wrestling Championships.

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  1. Hey Rod.

    Did anything come up in the Friday session about the boundary vs. Non-boundary discussion? I saw you mentioned it in thursdays blog that it might be discussed on friday.
    I am surprised more AD’s havent jumped on this band wagon other then the fact that maybe they really don’t care….
    Sorry for the late comment but i was w/o technology for the past week.

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