I’m not much of a betting man (oh, OK, yes I am; see the 2001 trip to Vegas when the crew was heading down the Strip to gorge on Fatburgers and I stopped at a roulette table in the Aladdin to “make change” since I was carrying only Benjamins and ended up winning about five bills in 2 minutes. Yes, I offered to pay for everyone’s Fatburgers. No, I’m not telling about the times I lost money).

But I’m willing to put up a thin dime or two that you have attempted to find something on the PIAA website and, eight clicks and 17 cuss words later, came up empty.

Trust me, what you need is generally there and probably not as hard to find as you think. The problem is multiple clicks, especially if you’re not sure which tab to start with.

That’s why we’re here: To help during the stressful holiday season.

So, what do you usually go the PIAA site for?  My guess is information on championships.  Usually, that information is super-easy to find: Sport, championship information, voila!

But say you want to take a peek at the blank PIAA Team Wrestling Brackets before the PIAA posts its on the wrestling page, as is currently the case.  It’s on the website, just not in the most obvious case.

To find team brackets for the current year,  mosue over RESOURCES (the yellow tab at the top of the home page), slide the mouse down to HANDBOOK and click.  Once the Handbook section comes up, click on the link that says Handbook: Section III, PIAA Rules and Regulations.  It doesn’t say “brackets”, but that’s where they are.  In fact, there is a whole lot of helpful information in that particular section of the handbook.

But is that too many clicks for you?  It is for me, so I bookmarked it.  So can you. Click here –  PIAA Team Brackets and Individual Qualifiers  – and book it.  I find it to be quite the time-saver myself.

OK, what about enrollment figures for each school for the next two-year cycle?  Ha, trick question!  They haven’t been posted yet (probably next week according to PIAA staff), although the parameters for each sport have had a link on the home page for a month.  But the enrollments are in the hands of the schools and if I weren’t so darn lazy, I’d have them, too.  In fact, I think they’re lurking somewhere in my most recent PIAA Board of Directors’ meeting agenda.

Need some more tips?  I’d be glad to help, but I have to update about 100 Excel files for the District 3 wrestling power rankings.  And those on the NON District 3 schools.

  5 Responses to “Unlocking the mysteries of the PIAA website”

  1. Rod,
    Two years ago, the PIAA listed all of the new enrollment numbers for each member school throughout the state. There was a notation with the enrollments that schools had until a certain date to request an upgrade in classification. Then, after the deadline for upgrades, the posting was adjusted to reflect the upgrades. This time around, the PIAA has not posted any numbers for the schools — not before the upgrade period expired, and now not after, either. I thought they were trying to be more open! This is a large step BACKWARD.

  2. Rod thanks for the link, it has plenty of good information, including contact information for the district reps in each of the steering committees.

    I found it was a little odd that district 12 didn’t have a sportsmanship official, are there plans for that slot to be filled?

  3. Ernie,

    If you’ll recall, two years ago they had some errors both before and after the adjustment for co-ops and the like, and they pulled the enrollments down for quite a while. So they’re a little gun-shy and being much more cautious this year.

    Granted, the enrollment numbers were approved at the most recent Board meeting, and I believed they would be up by now, but I think it’s wise to make sure they’re correct first. I know last year they pushed hard to get them out ASAP and it backfired on them a little.

  4. O,

    Ha ha! I didn’t see that sportsmanship official slot for D12. Must have been scared off after the crazies at Math and Science started accusing officials of racism just because they tweeted a few fouls.

    The two D12 reps seem like pretty decent eggs to me and they fight for their schools, which is admirable. But even they were embarrassed by that mess. To Math’s credit, it shut up, played basketball the right way and won states last year. As they say, no harm, no foul, no matter what the tint of the oificials’ skin.

  5. Can you post the enrollment figures? They are talking about reducing the conferences out here in WPIAL land but there isn’t any info on where the schools landed.

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