I’ve had this NFHS release on the 2012-2013 wrestling rules for at least two weeks, and I’m just now posting it on my own website.

That says volumes about (a) how much work there is being a district staff person (lots) and (b) what a lazy bum I’ve been regarding RodFrisco.com.  Shame on me.

Regardless, the wrestling rules for the upcoming season can be accessed here.  I like ’em, especially the lead rule regarding stalling, although banning the wristbands and what-not seems a little commie to me.  The thing missing from the stalling rules changes is the usual: Call it more often.

I will be posting a little more frequently now that the spring postseason is here – yes, tennis counts – and I’m well aware that the site needs some major work, especially getting the records links functional.

I’ll get it done, but God only knows when.  After all, I get to spend five of the next six days at the Hershey Racquet Club updating District 3 tennis.

It’s what I do.

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