The PIAA Track and Field Records have been re-posted in The Record Book.  Can’t have your T&F with your rex.

Also, no live blog of the PIAA Board of Directors Meeting tonight and tomorrow in Chambersburg.  Honesty compels me to inform you that tonight is Mrs. Frisco’s birthday (she looks fabulous) and I have some other dad duties that will keep me awya from Chambersburg.

I was planning to go to Chambersburg on Thursday to blog, but I have a commitment at the John Travers Award luncheon in Harrisburg at noon.  The PIAA meeting will begin at 8 with executive session,the length of which is unpredictable.  I’d have to leave Chambersburg by 10 to ensure being at the Hilton in Harrisburg by noon.  It just doesn’t compute.

In addition, I have some District 3 chores on Thursday as well – our Class A softball championship at Halifax and our boys and girls lacrosse championships will be contested – so for once, the BOD meeting takes second place.

I’ll get an update on the site ASAP as well as a link to the PIAA Track and Field Championship results for this weekend.

Of course, I’m all ears on suggestions for a birthday present for the missus …

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