That didn’t take long.  A Council Rock school board member makes the public call to defund football at the scholastic level; the story from is here.

How long before this picks up steam and becomes a reality?  I give it 5 years before some school district cuts football for the stated injury reason (some will cut for financial reasons; I have no doubt about that).  But the the massive lawsuit filed by former NFL players against the league for its supposed ignorance of the concussion issue will give this matter legs at the scholastic level.  Has to happen.

No matter that equipment has improved, tackling technique has improved, education related to concussion and spinal cord injury has improved, etc. No, football players are “gladiators” now, not student-athletes, apparently more intent on maiming than competing.

Boy, if only chess had head injuries …

By the way, my favorite quote from the board member making the call for the end to scholastic football was “We wouldn’t dream of putting our kids in a vehicle without a seat belt …”   Um, has she seen the inside of a school bus recently?  Unless the Council Rock SD has outfitted all of its buses with lap belts and shoulder harnesses for its precious cargo, there is usually just one seat belt on a school bus … for the adult driver.

Unrelated, I will have updated PIAA track and field histories up on the website later today and will work on getting all sports updated throughout the summer.


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