I’ve been meaning to post for weeks and always found something else to do with my District 3 work.  Today, I have no choice.

My good friend, Jim Butler of Clearfield, passed away earlier today, July 6, in Clearfield following complications from surgery.  Jim was in his mid-60s.

This is a crushing loss to Pennsylvania scholastic wrestling:  Jim had carved out his niche as one of the leading experts on statewide wrestling in the mid-1970s and carried through to the present.  His columns on wrestling the Clearfield Progress were among the most insightful in the commonwealth.

In addition, Jim was a huge dirt track racing fan and even developed some small businesses that revolved around racing.

But mostly, he was a friend who, along with former Clearfield Progress sports editor Fred Kavelak and for Progress sports writer Frank Roessner, had an enormous impact on my early career.  His unexpected passing is hurtful.

I apologize for some of the sketchy details; I’ll update when I receive more information.

But the Pennsylvania wrestling community has lost a true friend.  And so have I.

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