Welcome to the Class AAA quarterfinal chat.


Just a reminder that RodFrisco.com will provide live, as-it-happens reporting of the PIAA Class AA Wrestling Championship semifinals Friday night and the PIAA Class AAA Wrestling Championship semifinals Saturday morning from Giant Center.

There is no live TV and a limited number of radio stations broadcasting live from both sessions. In addition, viewers are welcomed and encouraged to ask questions and add comments throughout the chat. We look forward to hearing from you throughout both sessions.

Also, this site is dedicated to statewide coverage. I do not limit my discussion to certain regions, although I will definitely follow the District 3 wrestlers a little more closely than other matches.

The chat is free and open to all. The PIAA does charge a fee (it will cost $150 to do both sessions). Several viewers have said they would like to help defray the cost, so I’m going to experiment. I’ll have a PayPal button on the page that will enable anyone who wishes to contibute to do. But please understand there is absolutely no obligation to do so.

We look forward to seeing you on the chats.


Welcome to today’s chat for the PIAA Wrestling Championships Class AA quarterfinals.

I’ll be happy to keep an eye on any match requested by a viewer. But please keep in mind that this is not a live chat (real-time web publishing in PIAA parlance), which means I cannot deliver move-by-move, point-by-point descriptions of matches during the quarterfinals. I WILL be going live tonight at 6 p.m for the Class AA semifinals.

For a live radio link, check out WJPA Radio from Washington. They do a superb job of covering the entire tournament, not just southwestern Pa. wrestlers. The link is here.

For brackets updated after every match, the PIAA’s official site is doing a terrific job. That link is here.

Join in on the chat below, staring at 8:45 a.m.

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