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Look, is, in the end, about PIAA championships. And, obviously, so is PIAA. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard about the rules and regs and by-laws and please-wake-me-when-its-over board meetings, but the bottom line is the PIAA does state championships, and it does ’em well. Plus, all of the information is here. I had to get it somewhere.

Pennsylvania Football News
The grand-daddy of Pa. HS football sites. Best weekly scoreboard on the ‘net. Lots of other info. Tom Elling and Rich Vetock are the webmaster and owner, and they’ve done a great service to Pennsylvania football with this site.
OK, It’s only Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 11 and 12. Owner Dave Mika has built one of the most informative sites in the state even without Districts 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 (OK, they’re over at companion site Good network, good info. And that cute little scoreboard scroll, if you’re into that kinda thing.
Hey, I just noticed this looks a LOT like!
A nice vault of information on football and basketball. Don Black works hard to make a complete archive of results. A valuable resource.

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  1. Rod:
    I enjoy your site. To update your boys tennis rankings. Boys PIAA doubles. In 1993-94, David Nguyen teamed with Wes Kintner to help Kintner win the last 2 of his 4 state doubles titles. Kinter, by the way, won a state swimming title in 94 as well, giving him 5 state championships.
    Earle Cornelius
    Lancaster Newspapers

  2. Many thanks, Earle.

  3. Rod, I stumbled upon your site and wanted to see if you have lists of the all time PIAA Boys scoring,assist, and rebound leaders? Does anyone keep these stats of maybe the top 20 in each catagory? Also maybe a list of players with career 1500 pts, 500 assists, 500 rebounds? Thanks…….Shawn

  4. Shawn,

    Sorry to say I’m well short of records in those categories. For one thing, I’m not basketball-centric. I’m a failed football player and wrestler, and the mere idea of walking across a basketball floor that didn’t have a Resilite mat in the middle was utterly terrifying me. Thus, my vampire/sunshine relationship with hoops. Seriously, I would love to have those records as part of my stash, but I’m miles away from that at this point.

    Here’s what I have, mostly on paper and not yet on the website is this: lists of PIAA champions in all sports and most District 3 champions. That’s the base of my records. The idea is to add all kinds of state records. For instance, I have all kinds of PIAA football playoff records, but I don’t have other state football records.

    So I’m working from the top down: PIAA and District 3 champions, then other PIAA and District 3 records. More or less, this is how I’ve chosen to spend what passes for retirement.

    This is the long answer to your questions. The short answer is no, I don’t have them, but I hope to obtain them, through sharing or original research, ASAP in the future.

  5. I would like to know why the PIAA could not have a regional at Altoona for District 5 6 and 9. And a Regional for 7 and 10. District 5 have the smallest schools in the states and is always treated unfair by the PIAA.

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