If you haven’t seen it yet on paswimming.com, take a look at David Nolan’s 200 individual medley relay national record 1:43.43 the Hershey junior executed in the PIAA Class AA Swimming Championships at Bucknell University.

The video, provided by Mike Gobrecht, at paswimming.com is here.

It’s the best 103 seconds you’ll spend tonight. And my favorite part? Nolan taps the wall, people go nuts. The camera catches this, pans to the Kinney Natatorium board to capture the time and the other seven clocks are still spinning like mad. That’s how fast Nolan was going.



It’s true that I’ve left swimming and diving behind while I concentrated on the PIAA Wrestling Championships. Sorry about that.

First, since the primary purpose of this site is in-depth coverage of each PIAA championship. Last week, it was wrestling. This week, it’s swimming and diving. Next week, it’s basketball.

Ehh, OK. I might as well acknowledge that I’m a wrestling guy first. There’s a reason for that: I wrestled. And there’s a reason for that: There is nothing quite as comedic as watching a 5-foot-5 wrestler do the IM or try to post up against a power forward. VERY funny.

But I’m all swimming this week. In fact, this post is to let you know I’ll be blogging every day from the PIAA Swimming and Diving Championships at Bucknell University. All four days. (A PIAA championship longer than wrestling? Impossible.) So please check rodfrisco.com all week.

In the meantime, here are the final PIAA psych sheets. I know they’ve been up for five days, but psych sheets should never be finalized during the wrestling championships. That’s just … wrong.


Class AAA boys

Class AAA girls

Class AA boys

Class AA girls

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