Here are the final approved qualifiers for lacrosse and girls spring soccer for the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 school years; they were adopted at the PIAA Board of Directors’ meeting in May.

The “qualifiers” files show the math the PIAA uses to determine the number of qualifiers from each district to the PIAA championship in that sport; the process is known as proportional representation. The brackets show the pairings for PIAA team and individual championships in each sport where applicable.

Here are the reports for lacrosse:


Here are the reports for girls’ spring soccer:


First round: Tuesday, May 31, sites TBA
Quarterfinals: Saturday, June 4, sites TBA
Semifinals: Tuesday, June 7, sites TBA
Championships: Girls – Friday, June 10, at Hersheypark Stadium, time to be announced; Boys – Saturday, June 11, at Hersheypark Stadium, time TBA
Note: The girls championship will be played as part of doubleheader with girls soccer (see below). Also, PIAA has indicated that boys lacrosse could be split into two classes in the next cycle (2012-2013 and 2013-2014) and will likely be re-bid for championship venues.

First round: Tuesday, May 31, sites TBA
Quarterfinals: Saturday, June 4, sites TBA
Semifinals: Tuesday, June 7, sites TBA
Championship: Friday, June 10, at Hersheypark Stadium, time TBA
Note: Girls soccer will have just one classification this year. District 3, which has the bulk of the spring soccer programs, will run a two-class district tournament, then determine how to allot its nine qualifiers.

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Here are the updates for the second PIAA Boys Lacrosse Championship beginning at 2 p.m. today from Hersheypark Stadium.

It’s a rematch of last year’s PIAA final between defending champion La Salle College High School (20-2) and last year’s runner-up Conestoga (21-2).

The most frequent updates will appear at the top of the screen.

La Salle …. 3-0-0-3 — 6
Conestoga .. 3-4-2-1 — 10
C: Jason Klunder 2G, Ryan Lord 1G 1A, Billy Flatley 2A, Tyler Brooke 2A
L: Christian Cardinal 2G, Patrick resch 1G 2A, Kevin Forster 2A

It’s over …. Conestoga 10, La Salle College 6 … Pioneers get their revenge against la Salle for last year’s title loss ..

‘Stoga freezing the ball for the last minute …

And matt Smith of Conestoga puts it away with a fairly uncontested goal at 1:42 … Conestoga 10, La Salle 6

Conestoga with possession … game back on ..

La Salle calls a timeout with 1:57 to play, one TO remaining for La Salle

Hold on .. La Salle cuts it to 9-6 with 2:16 left on a nick Cruice score from Patrick Resch ..

La Salle hanging in there … Cardinal again from Forster at 2:45 … Conestoga 9, la Salle 5

3:59 to play .. La Salle needs a miracle

5:00 remaining in game

La Salle pressuring, but ‘Stoga keeper Pete Zonino has been great …

La Salle went 30:05 without scoring before the Cardinal goal …

La Salle stays alive … Christian Cardinal scores from Kevin Forster at 8:39 … Conestoga 9, La Salle 4

Start of the fourth period: Conestoga leads La Salle 9-3

Two straight shutout quarters for Conestoga defense … Keep Pete Zonino has been outstanding …

End of the third period: Conestoga 9, La Salle College HS 3

Conestoga picks up a loose ball and goes coast-to-coast, Jeff Chu getting his fourth goal at 1;31 mark on an assist from Ryan Lord … Conestoga 9, La Salle 3

Conestoga keep Pete Zonino with another good save on La Salle’s Patrick Resch ..

Penalty on Conestoga’s Billy Flatley … one minute at 6:25

Great save by La salle keep john Lawlor on a doorstep slap ..

Wow! Ryan Buttenbaum scoops up the ball off the draw and runs straight in for the goal in just 8 seconds … Conestoga 8-3

Impressed with the way Conestoga grabbed the momentum in the second period. The Pioneers won all but one draw, attacked well and got two nice saves from Zonino. Tough to shut out la Salle for a period.

Teams back to wrm up for the second half, but it won’t take much warming up: Temps are in the mid-80s and there’s a ton of sun.


La Salle’s Nick Cruice gets a literal last-second shot, but Conestoga’s Pete Zonino stops with his body …

La Salle’s Kevin Forster right on top of Coenstoga keep Pete Zonino, but Z makes a great save, his second …

La Salle calls timeout … new goalie for La Salle

Wow. Jeff Chu scores his third in front after great feed from Billy Flatley, his second assist. Tim of goal: 4:28 … Conestoga with four straight goal in the second … Conestoga 7, La Salle 3

Conestoga on fire. Jason Klunder scores his sceond goal of the period at 5:42

The timeout works … Ryan Lord scores in tyight from Tyler Brooke at 6:35 … Conestoga 5, La Salle 3

Conestoga calls timeout at the 6:53 mark of the second … ‘Stoga leads 4-3

Good run by Conestoga, but La Salle keep John Ryan Lawlor nmakes an excellent save on a point-blank shot by Chu …

Conestoga strikes first in the 2nd, Jason Klunder strong from the top of the circle … unassisted at 9:33 … Conestoga 3, La Salle College 2

Starting 2nd period … very good game to this point .. La Salle did a great job of grasping control of the pace after falling behind 2-0 ..

End of first … La Salle College 3, Conestoga 3

And Conestoga ties it … Bill Flatley makes a sharp low pass to Chu, who scores his second goal with 50 seconds left in teh first period … Tied 3-3

La Salle rolling now … Resch fires one in off pass from Dan Losier at 2:44 … La Salle 3, Conestoga 2

La Salle ties it at 2-2 at the 3;12 mark … Coleman bounces it in after nice feed from Patrick resch … Game tied 2-2 ..

La Salle responds … Jack Bogorowski wrists one past Conestoga keep Pete Zonio at 7:18 … Conestoga 2-1

Conestoga explodes for two quick scores. Pete Bowers scores at 10:35 on an assist from Matt Smith, then 34 seconds later its Jeff Chu unasisted. … Conestoga 2-0

Ready to play

Getting ready to begin following the pre-game on PCN.

Conestoga will be wearing its dark maroon uniforms; La Salle will wear all white. Could be a factor in the heat at Hersheypark Arena?


It’s been quite a day thus far. Got cut off by a hay truck on Rt. 39, then forgot to buy Advil for my boogered-up left foot that I injured GOLFING.

Then the Hersheypark Stadium wireless wasn’t working, so it took 10 minutes to get online. Fun, fun, fun.

Bottom line: There’s 5 minutes left in the first half of the second PIAA Girls Lacrosse championship, and Radnor, which is on fire hitting the net, leads Springfield-Delco 7-3.

And I’m going to be honest. This is the first high school girls lacrosse game I’ve ever attended. Ever. So if you want to follow an update from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about, click onto Chris Goldberg’s updates at here. Chris knows his stuff. Me? I get stuck behind hay trucks.

But we’ll give it the ol’ Delaware County try just the same:

OK, now it’s 8-3, Radnor, after a goal high by Courtney Campbell

End of first half: Radnor 8, Springfield-Delco 3


Start of 2nd half:

Radnor leads, 8-3

Annie Woehling of Radnor with another nice save .. about 5 for her

Springfield’s Alex Poplaweski squeezes one low past Woehling at 21:45 of the third … Radnor leads 8-4

Radnor comes right back on a goal byAllie Martin (her third) from Kelyn Freedman from behind the net … Radnor leads 9-4

Radnor keep charging … Amalia Antonoplos slides in unassisted for goal at 19:52 … Radnor 10, Springfield-Delco 4

Springfield comes back immediately on Nathalie Basunga’s unassisted goal at 19:38, just 14 seconds later … Radnor 10, Springfield-Delco 5

Springfield making a charge … Basunga scores again at 18:19 after a vrey nice loop pass from Valerie Paolucci … Radnor 10-6

Nice save by Springfield keeper Janel Folkomoer. We mention it it because she’s had a rough day; that save was her first.

Springfield in trouble now. Radnor’s Courtney Campbell scores her third goal at the 10:59 mark, assisted by Alli Kelly … Radnor 11-6

Well, the Cougars aren’t dead yet. Freshman Lauren Notofrancesco comes from behind the net to fire one past Woehling at 9:12 … Radnor 11, Springfield 7

Good ball movement by Radnor results in a big goal. Ellie Krause scores on a bounce from the left side after a sharp pass from Kristen Norden at the 7:56 mark. .. Radnor 12-7

Radnor gets a tighter grip on the game now. Courtnet Campbell scores her fourth on an assist from Allie Martin at 7:34 … Radnor 13-7

All but over now … Radnor’s Kelyn Freedman fires high past Folkomoer for a goal at 5:00 … Radnor 14, Springfield-Delco 7

Radnor is icing the ball … Under a minute now

That’s it … Radnor wins its second straight PIAA title, 14-7 … Radnor keeper Annie Woehling was outstanding, making several saves and keeping Springfield at arm’s length throughout the game

Chris Goldberg of reports that Radnor is now 75-2 over the last three seasons. The only loss this year by the Raiders was an overtime upset to Strath Haven.

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