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Welcome to The Record Book, our vault for PIAA championship records (and others).

Bob Craig

We want to stress two things. First, these records are unofficial. They have been pieced together through various sources (newspaper microfilm, files I’ve collected over the years, files from the PIAA itself). One of the most important sources was a book (The Book Of Champions) compiled by the late Bob Craig, the long-time football and wrestling coach at Cedar Cliff and Newport high schools. Craig, who coached his teams to 282 football wins and 513 wrestling dual meet victories (the latter a PIAA record that has since been broken), published The Book of Champions, which listed PIAA champions in all sports, in 1977. We acknowledge our debt to Coach Craig, who passed away in 2004.

Second, as records are added to the site, you will notice some omissions, gaps and misspellings despite our effort to ensure there were none. We apologize for any errors and we welcome the opportunity to correct them and make the record whole. Please e-mail me at with corrections or additions.

Thanks. Enjoy the records.

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  1. For the Record Book, here is missing bracket info for the 2001 Boys Team Tennis AA Final:
    Wyoming Seminary 5, Wyomissing 0
    1 Buddy Shah, WS d. Chris Paolini 46 60 61
    2 Madhan Srinivasan, WS d. Chris Kim 61 63
    3 Jordan Koslosky, WS d. Brian Beglin 61 61
    1D Tyler Morris / Eric Feinstein, WS d. Steve Gyomber / John Reuter 64 63
    2D Jason Brown / Robert Isaacs, WS d. Peter Lanning / Jon Pendergast 76(8) 63

    Also, for 2010 AA Team final, the correct score of #2 Doubles 64 60 (not 60 61)

  2. I have some of the information from the 2001 and 2002 AAA Team Tennis Title:

    2001: Strath Haven def. State College 4-1

    Leland Tien (SC) def. Asher Salam (SH) ?
    Ray Josephs (SH) def. ? (SC) ?
    Jason Brooke (SH) def. ? (SC) ?

    Charlie Giammattei/Ross Josephs (SH) def. ? (SC) ?
    Alex Smith/Nick Peticca (SH) def. ? (SC) ?

    Two of the other State College players are: Graham Wasilition and Marius Doring – but I don’t know what position they played on the team


    2002: Strath Haven def. Altoona 5-0

    Christian Welte (SH) def. Matt Stopp (A) 6-1, 6-4
    Ray Josephs (SH) def. ? (A) 6-0, 6-0
    Asher Salam (SH) def. ? (A) ?

    Jason Brooke/Andrew Lyons (SH) def. ? (A) 6-2, 6-2
    Nick Peticca/Alex Smith (SH) def. ? (A) 6-3, 6-1

    Four of the other Altoona players are: Luke Leiden, Neil Eicher, Nick Covino, and Michael Pennington – but I don’t know what position they played on the team


  3. Rod: you should be able to find all the girls tennis archives you need to make the same records you have for the boys teams here:

  4. Boys team tennis AA 2009 championship match: #1 Doubles “incomplete” match players were Sean MacAusland / Mike Anderson, Wyo and Sam Borowsky / Max Blumenthal, Harriton

  5. Thanks again, Mike. I’ll update.

  6. Rod,

    Thanks for developing an impressive site. I wanted to point out that the Selinsgrove Seals won the 1976 Boys Track and Field Championship in AA. That was the year that Mike Fahnestock and Marlin Van Horn were on the team and Jim Taylor was the coach. I am not sure of the total team points. Hope this helps.

  7. Ben,

    It’s a big help. I just hadn’t been able to find that ’76 AA team champ. I’ll dig into the Daily Item to see if I can find the team total, but until your note, I didn’t have a school name. Weak reporting by The Patriot-News, no doubt. (Actually, weak research by The Patriot-News reporter). Thanks again. The assist is duly noted.

  8. It guess it pays to “Google” yourself every once in a while. For the 2002 Boys Tennis Championship, Luke Leiden played #2 singles for Altoona (and I beleive lost 6-0, 6-0). Neil Eicher played #3 and lost 2-6, 5-7.

    Nick Covino / Michael Pennington played #1 doubles. However, I can’t recall who played at number 2 doubles.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Thanks, Neil. I’ll update the tennis ASAP

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